Bacon jerky for camping: An ultimate guide

We’ll cover both of these in more detail in this article.

Bacon jerky is the ideal snack for your next camping excursion. Bacon jerky is high in protein which will help maintain your body’s energy. Other than being a protein-rich snack, bacon jerky is perfect for camp for two very good reasons. First, because of the drying process, bacon jerky, like many types of jerky treats, don’t require refrigeration. Second, bacon jerky is versatile; it can be eaten alone as a snack or added to a meal as a protein source.

We’ll cover both of these in more detail in this article.

How do you store your bacon jerky for camping
Outdoor enthusiasts know the importance of packing and storing food for long journeys,so it does not spoil. Backpack travelers don’t have access to coolers and backpacks, so they have to learn what foods are not only nonperishable (have long shelf lives without spoilage) but also healthy. They also have to balance this with understanding food and drink safety when traveling.

Store your bacon jerky in a resealable, sturdy plastic bag. Before sealing the bag, ensure there is no air in it; this will help maintain the moisture of the jerky so it will not spoil quickly. You can add a second waterproof bag or use a heavy-duty freezer style bag, if you need to keep out water or moisture.

How long can the bacon jerky last
When packaged correctly in an airtight container, bacon jerky can last up to 1-2 years in good condition without spoiling. You might be able eat the bacon jerky past the expiry date indicated on the packing,because the jerky may be preserved. Give foods the sniff test before eating. If anything smells foul, discard it. If you don’t have a good “sniffer,” then find someone in your camping group who does! There’s always someone in a group who has a nose for spoiled foods.

Your bacon jerky and other foods will last longer if you store them in a way that’s out of reach from four-legged campground visitors. One of the wonderful…


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