Best Motorcycle Camping Gear

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear

It’s a goal that keeps a lot of motorcyclists sane from Monday to Friday: The open road ahead, the wind in our face, and no hotel reservations to honor. In his classic, “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” Robert Pirsig told us that seeing America through a car windshield was like seeing it on television: To be fully immersed in the trip, you have to remove the screen. Unlike in Pirsig’s day, outdoorsy cyclists and long-distance riders can get camping gear made specifically to fit the two-wheel lifestyle. We’ve rounded up some of the best options here. Make your pick, then drop your device and head out on the highway.

Best Motorcycle Camping Gear

The Expert: I’ve been riding motorcycles for twenty-nine years, everywhere from Seattle to Fort Lauderdale, and I’m always searching for ways to extend and enhance the experience. Along the way, I’ve written about cars and motorcycles for Esquire, Road & Track, and Car & Driver, among others. As a rule, I don’t enjoy camping, so if I’m going to skip the hotel I need to be certain that I won’t be tossing and turning all night.

How to Pick Great Motorcycle Camping Gear

When prepping for a long camping trip, it’s tempting to start with what’s compatible with your bike. First and foremost, however, it has to work for you. That means choosing a sleeping bag that’s warm enough for the coldest weather you might see, a tent that’s big and comfortable so you can get a good night’s sleep, and the right cooking gear to make what’s on your campfire menu. It has to meet your needs, and then it has to fit. Don’t be ashamed to try everything at home extensively before taking it on the road.

What Kind of Camping Gear Works Best For a Long-Distance Ride?

The traditional minimum loadout for camping bikers is a rolled sleeping bag and a small cooking kit. It’s enough to get you through fair-weather nights, but anything more severe than that will be unpleasant. The next…


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