City of Ashland addresses public camping

ASHLAND, Ore. – The City of Ashland is clarifying its approach to people who camp within the city.

Ashland officials said recently, they’ve received multiple inquiries about camping in public spaces.

The city provided the following “management approach” to communicate how it addresses the current circumstances:

Oregon State Law and the Ashland Municipal Code both specify that 72-hours notice be given to those camping in public spaces before relocating/removing campers
As a practice, APD (Ashland Police Department) enforces state law and camping ordinances when complaints are made, or a situation becomes unmanageable
Some of the individuals engaging in the current camping protest have participated in previous advocacy actions similar in nature to their current camping in public ROW [rights of way] or parks. Their request appears to be that they want to occupy public right of ways for their personal use without interruption
APD has been posting the camp sites for 72-hour removal and the occupants have abided by this, moving locations every two to three days
Most participants in the protest have been offered housing and have declined services, citing instead their belief that they have a right to exclusively occupy public spaces
APD does not believe those currently camping in public spaces pose a public safety issue and will continue posting for 72-hour removal and monitoring the camp sites
The City provides an Emergency Warming shelter as needed for those without permanent housing
A shelter was authorized last week and another shelter has been authorized this week through the morning of Friday, February 24
The shelters are available for anyone to use
In December 2022, Council authorized a budget amendment of $100,000 for the severe weather shelter services, for the remaining winter months, January through March
The city said if you’re curious about something in Ashland, “Let Curiosity be Your Guide,” and ask at

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