Inverness Leisure Centre to close climbing wall as new facility set to open in city in March

INVERNESS Centre will close its climbing wall to make way for a new facility which is opening next month.

Inverness climbing wall reopens today.

The Ledge is opening a new indoor climbing facility at Telford Retail Park which will coincide with the closure of the wall at Inverness Centre.

The indoor climbing facility at Inverness Centre has been in operation for around 25 years after it opened in the late 1990’s.

But its closure will coincide with the opening of The Ledge Centre in March.

High Life Highland’s , says along with The Ledge, they have agreed to work together to give the new venture every chance of success.

High Life Highland expects to continue running its current facility up to the end of March by which time the Ledge will be open.

He said: “For around the last 25 years, the climbing wall at Inverness Leisure has introduced many people to the sport as well given climbers the opportunity to develop their skills, leading to some Highland young people being able to succeed in competitive climbing.

“It has also been a place for climbers to meet other people and enjoy the social aspects of the sport in a warm and dry environment.

“The Highland area has some great outdoor climbing and at the time it was installed, the Inverness Leisure wall was innovative, with a lead climbing area which sought to mimic the outdoor climbing environment.

“A specialist climbing facility in Inverness has been long awaited.

“Climbing wall design has moved on considerably since the Inverness Leisure wall was installed and the new facility at ‘The Ledge’ will provide all that has been possible at Inverness Leisure and more.

“The development of this brand new, specialist facility means that the time is right for High Life Highland to hand over the baton to the Ledge to ensure that neither organisation is ‘competing’ to attract customers from each other.”

The new climbing facility will have areas…



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