‘Pro-Life Spider-Man’ Maison Des Champs Tells Tucker Carlson ‘Abortion Is Like Climbing A Skyscraper’

An anti-abortion activist who climbed the 483-foot Chase Tower in Phoenix during Super Bowl week told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Thursday that “abortion is just like climbing a skyscraper.” (Watch the video below.)

The comparison floored viewers on social media, many of whom said the remarks bordered on parody.

Carlson congratulated Maison Des Champs for his daredevilry, which the Phoenix Fire Department called “very very dumb.”

Des Champs, who calls himself “Pro-Life Spider-Man,” has performed similar stunts in San Francisco and Los Angeles for an anti-abortion charity. He was jailed on trespassing charges for his latest ascent just days before the Super Bowl is played in the Phoenix area, and has since been released, the Arizona Republic reported.

“I climb these buildings because I want to show people how to have faith over fear,” Des Champs explained to an earnest-looking Carlson. “Abortion is murder and that’s the truth. Yet so many people my age are scared to speak the truth. They’re scared to offend. They’re scared to lose friends. But we can’t be scared. Abortion is just like climbing a skyscraper. It’s a matter of life or death. And we don’t have time for fear.”

People on Twitter had time to take issue:



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