The Best Brainless Lockjaw ‘Marvel Snap’ Deck For Climbing The Ladder (March 2023)

Marvel Snap

Second Dinner

It has been a little while since I posted a Marvel Snap deck, and this season, I’ve found myself staying mostly away from MODOK, who hasn’t been quite as meta-defining as Silver Surfer and Zabu were, both of which have now been nerfed.

Instead, I’m returning to an old friend, Lockjaw, for a “big guys” deck which I find to be one of my favorites. There are a few ways to do large unit decks, and the other main one is an Electro Ramp deck, but I like this one the most as it sort of just plays itself.

I originally saw a version of this on reddit, though I can’t find the original thread now. But the deck has worked wonders for me, and I hope it’s the same for you. Here it is, and how to play:

0 – Wasp – She’s for Lockjaw purposes only, since you can play her on the same turn he goes up. The only zero cost in the deck, as this is not a version that has Thor in it. It feels terrible when Jubilee pulls her, but it’s not often.

1 – Sunspot – A staple in any big guys deck as you will often have to wait until turn 3 or 4 to play anything of significance



3 – Lockjaw – No two drops required, just straight to Lockjaw here. Use Wasp, Sunshot and Jubilee to summon. Another great move is Leech here, for the leeching, but then also a replacement with one of your big guys.

4 – Dracula – This card is just too good as there’s nothing your opponent can do to stop it. With at least five huge targets for discard at the end of the game, he will win you the day more often than not.

4 – Jubilee – Best when used with Lockjaw but if not, is still very good at drawing big guys on her own.

5 – Leech – With Lockjaw and Jubilee can potentially be summoned 1-2 turns early, but even if you just play him normally on turn 5, he can win you the game. I would usually play him over Captain Marvel if I had both in hand.

Captain Marvel


5 – Captain Marvel – I really just wanted to show off my new variant. But no…


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