The Power You Need for Autumn Camping at BLUETTI Fall Sale

Autumn is coming and so do the offers on portable solar generators at the BLUETTI Fall Sale 2023, which will start on 7 March. There’s no better time to stock up on the must-haves for camping, hiking, picnicking and more.

Top-pick All-in-one Power -EB200P  

EB200P+3/PV200 Starts at $4397 (Was $5597, Save $1200)

Packed with a 2200W inverter and 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery, the EB200P is compact and portable for outdoor activities and emergency backup. Its capacity can also be extended to 4096Wh and 5120Wh respectively when connected to the B230 or B300. 15 versatile outlets ensure that any device can be charged in time. Fast charging is still an attractive feature: 1300W for solar and AC combination, 800W for dual AC. The EP200P is just as powerful as the AC200X, and even more affordable. This Fall Sale is the latest comeback for the EB200P after being sold out during last year’s September Sale. Take advantage of this opportunity before it’s gone.

All-rounder Mobile Power -AC200MAX

AC200MAX+3/PV200  Starts at $4546 (Was $5396, Save $850)

AC200MAX, the most popular model for road trip and vanlife, takes the technology to the next level, offering the option to expand with additional battery modules, such as two B230s at 6,144Wh and two B300s at 8,192Wh. Standalone, it has 2,048Wh in its belly and can deliver 2,200W to multiple devices via its 13 outlets and two top-mounted wireless charging pads. It’s a versatile and budget-friendly power backup for indoors and out. It accepts up to 900W of solar input and can be completely charged in 3.5 hours. Equipping a van with an AC200MAX and 3 pieces of 200W PV200 solar panels ensures a stable and constant power supply for off-grid living on the road.

Smart Portable Power -EB3A  

EB3A+PV200 Starts at $1148 (Was $1398, Save $250)

At about 4.6kg, the BLUETTI EB3A is compact and portable for outdoor camping and short trips. It is rated for up to 600W and a 1200W surge wattage, enough to power multiple devices such as laptops,…


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