Ursa replaces a sleeping bag and foam mat with a full-on “camping bed”

While some people might say that sleeping bags and thin foam mats are key aspects of the camping experience, other folks just find them too claustrophobic and uncomfortable. The Ursa Sleep System was designed with that second group in mind.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Ursa setup is manufactured by Texas-based hammock/tent company Kammock.

The system consists of four main parts: a 4-inch (102-mm)-thick self-inflating base pad, a 2-in (51-mm)-thick memory foam top pad, an insulated comforter, and an insulated hood – an inflatable-core pillow is available as an optional extra. All of the components join together via integrated zippers along their sides, keeping everything lined up and in place.

The memory foam top pad can be left at home, if users wish to pack lighter


On particularly cold nights, users can stick their feet inside a padded foot box on the inside of the comforter, cinch the top of the comforter closed, and put the hood over their head. On warmer nights the comforter can be left unzipped from the underlying pads, allowing for better ventilation.

A brushed polyester lining provides a soft touch, and because the deployed system measures 30 inches wide by 80 inches long (76 by 203 cm), users are much freer to move around than they would be in a mummy-type sleeping bag. Additionally, the pads and comforters of two Ursa setups can be zipped together along their facing sides, creating one queen-sized bed.

The whole thing gets deflated, folded up and stuffed in an included travel case when not in use. It measures 24 by 32 by 14 inches (61 by 81 by 35.5 cm) when packed, and reportedly tips the scales at 24 lb (10.9 kg) – so it’s probably best suited to car-camping trips. The system is rated down to an ambient temperature of 30 ºF (-1 ºC).


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