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WATCH | Black Girl Approved: Camping For Three Days Helped Me Reset My Life!

Written By: Empress Varnado

It’s already a quarter past seven in the morning. She’s two cups of coffee in, typing 140 miles per hour on Slack, scheduling appointments, and applying make-up as she simultaneously leads a team meeting. Does this sound like someone you know?

Well, she is me.

I’m a woman who lives a fast life; taking care of everything and everyone without slowing down. Desperate to break this routine, I decided to trade in my busy life for an off-the-grid life by doing a three-day camping and hiking trip with Camp Yoshi. I admit; I struggled with the idea of no running water, creepy crawlers, sleeping in a tent, and using a makeshift restroom in the middle of nowhere. And when I say, “ struggled, ” I’m really saying that I was freaking out! On Day one, I didn’t sleep at all. Every noise I heard I assumed was a desert animal waiting to pounce on me. Once the sun came up, another hard truth manifested – there were no showers! I had to wash my body with a giant wet wipe and use an outdoor water filter to wash my face and brush my teeth.

Camp Yoshi softened the blow by cooking us three delicious meals a day! We played games by the campfire and we had a mixologist on deck after every hike. Speaking of hiking, let’s talk about it! We hiked every single day (and sometimes twice a day) which was beyond my comfort zone. However, my Adida’s Terrex hiking shoes kept me balanced as I navigated new terrains. The entire trip, I kept saying, “ It’s the Grip for me!”

I overcame fears on this trip; I literally reached new peaks. I found clarity when I journaled, I did yoga on the mountain, and I marveled at the beauty of the sunset without obstructive views. By the end of the trip- I found myself leading the pack down the mountain like a pro!

In all of this, I didn’t have the capacity to even think about my phone, computer, or what was happening in the world. My attention was focused on these priceless…


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